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About Light Industry

Indian Lighting Industry is having a steady growth of over 10 percent in the last few years. The growth has remained consistent, even when there has been up’s and downs in many other sectors due to the slum in the recent past in the Western world. The consistent favorable policy by the Government of India is one of the major factors for rapid development of the Light Industry in India. The Government of India’s policy of rural electrifications has created new demand besides infrastructural development covering urban housing, roads and other projects have also created new demand for lighting products.

The innovative technology, which developed white light from LED, has changed the lifestyle of the people to a great extent. Consequently, it has increased the demand for LED light and other related products all over the globe; which has resulted a rapid shift in the manufacturing of new products by old and new enterprenuer.

It is reported that 20% of the total electricity produced all over the world, is consumed by light sector.

However, by replacing the out of date incandescent, halogen, fluorescent lamps with the modern LED lights, will reduce the consumption level of electricity to the level of 4percent from 20 percent. This grants us the opportunity to utilize the surplus energy in other sectors.

Considering all the above facts, it is expected that the Indian Lighting Industry will continue to grow at higher rate per annum ranging between 13 to 15 percent until 2020.

India has a population of above 1.2 Billion people, yet 0.3 Billion people in India are unconnected from the grid; implying they are not even allowed to be a part of the lighting industry’s market. However this is expected to change, and this large part of the India’s population will be able to join into the market, causing a further rise in the demand for light & light related products. This change is supposed to take place as a result of the recent agreement between US and India, where the US Government has agreed to invest $4 billion into India’s Energy Production. Prime Minister’s project “Energy to All” shall seek to greatly increase the energy production in India, which will further have great potential to increase the market size of the India’s Lighting Industry.

Reports suggests that India’s energy demand at the end of 2012 was 770 million TOE, but this figure is expected to have a drastic rise to nearly double; 1,500 million TOE in 2030. This shows that energy production will increase, but based on the new Indian government policy (Reducing Carbon Emissions by 20 percent by 2020) the rise in production must go hand in hand with a cut in emission levels. This gives an additional opportunity for LED and other Green Light related products to shine.
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