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The Indian Society of Lighting Engineers has great pleasure in presenting the LIGHT INDIA INTERNATIONAL 2023, at Tripura Vasini White Petals, Bellary Road, Armane Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560006, India during 22-24 November 2023.

The 2.4 billion dollar lighting Industry in India is witnessing a double digit growth in recent years, thanks to the emphasis being given on infrastructure development by the Central and State Governments and the growing awareness of the importance of appropriate lighting in day to day applications. With the increased investments in the Infrastructural sectors, the lighting industry is poised for rapid development. Smart city concepts have thrown open many avenues and lighting plays a critical role.

The lighting industry in India is on a globalization drive and is now providing the Indian consumers a variety of lighting products sourced domestically as well as from overseas. In the context of the reduced import duty regime in India, the globalization drive is gaining momentum.

The growing living standards in India are finding expressions in the lighting industry in many ways. The country is in the midst of an unprecedented growth in industrial and infrastructure facilities.

The Light India International 2023 will publicise the developments taking place in the lighting industry and provide excellent marketing opportunities for all the products and services covered by the lighting industry.

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